Military / Relief Organisations

  • Field Camp Kitchen, Mazar-e Sharif
  • Field Hospital, Camp Marmal
  • Military Camp
  • Epidemics Control Centre
  • Accommodation Units
  • Accommodation Containers ISAF
  • German Red Cross, Turkey
  • British Armed Forces
  • CSC Container


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Modular Buildings and Containers for Global Military and Relief Organisations

Quick implementation of infrastructure in conflict areas with modular buildings

SÄBU manufactures modular buildings for the quick and mobile worldwide use, building concepts for infrastructure measures as well as high-quality special containers. The modular construction with prefabricated room units enables the quick use in conflict areas within the scope of emergency services and military missions.

Military containers are produced according to the protection requirements of the Nato STANAG 2280 as well as the GOST-R protection against earthquakes as well as according to all world-wide valid regulations and standards.

Besides planning and production SÄBU, acting as general contractor, also offers the installation up to the turnkey handover of the modular building or container in the according country.

Projects implemented by SÄBU:

  • Accommodation and sanitary containers
  • Office and staff buildings
  • Information centres
  • Communication centres
  • Fire stations
  • Field hospitals
  • Kitchens and canteens
  • Ammunition storage containers
  • CSC containers
  • Mobile epidemics control centres
  • Storage containers for water-hazardous and dangerous substances