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Edith-Stein-School in Frechen

The requirements for a modern and performance-enhancing ambiance are high. However, the funds of such an erection are limited and the implementation shall quickly be performed. No matter if new construction or extension - modern modular construction enables economic building, quick production and a conception suitable for learners without compromises.

In the course of a class room extension, an architecturally high-quality modular building was installed at the grounds of the Edith-Stein-School.

The new stand-alone two-storey modular building consists of four class rooms, each with an open wardrobe niche. A large dining-room with conterminous kitchen, food counter and storage room is installed at the ground floor.

When provisioning the construction samples, a colour concept for the interior was fixed that was also sustained when designing the facade. Raspberry red was fixed as basic tint and is reflected in the floor cover as well as in the wall colour and the painting of the stair railing. The facade made of corrugated aluminium sheet was also painted in raspberry red with highlighted border parts coloured in anthracite.

The windows at the ground and upper floor should be formed as a continuous vertical window strip so that the mezzanine floor cover was also made from translucent glass.

In order to enable a coloured differentiation of the individual class rooms, each door leaf got a different colour that was also sustained in the furniture of the room (red, blue, yellow, green).

For optimising the power consumption the building was not furnished with light switches. The illumination is controlled by presence detectors. In the class rooms these presence detectors are equipped with additional daylight detection control.