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Modular Construction Enables Optimal Use of Space

MSP Druck und Medien GmbH, Mudersbach

The company MSP Druck und Medien in Mudersbach needed more office space for administration and sales. The new room should be attached to the existing building and the full capacity of the non-rectangular piece of land should be used. Furthermore, the client attached great importance to minimal interferences during the building activities. This was a plus factor for the SÄBU modular construction. Due to the prefabricated modules the construction period on site was considerably reduced.

SÄBU received the order for the new turn-key modular building. In 12 weeks, a new representative extension building was erected, consisting of 12 individual modules and respecting all constructional requirements. For optimally using the complete space of the landed property the external walls of the building are positioned at the property lines. Thus, the building did not receive a rectangular layout. One wall runs diagonally with an angle of 65°.