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Modular Office Buildings

Clear cost advantages also with bad foundation ground

Marine Soft Entwicklungs- und Logistikgesellschaft, Warnemünde

Due to the amalgamation of business and the enlargement of the Warnemünde site the technology company Marine Soft Entwicklungs- und Logistikgesellschaft mbH needed a new office building. The maritime orientation of the company should be reflected also within the building.

Due to the bad foundation ground the erection of the surrounding buildings required an expensive and time-consuming pile foundation. In this regard the modular construction offers clear advantages. For erection of this building it was only necessary to create a special calculated foundation plate. A later heightening of the building with a fourth storey was taken into consideration, also concerning the complete building equipment and appliances as well as the preparation of an elevator shaft.

The client awarded the contract to the company Niemann GmbH & Co. KG in cooperation with SÄBU Morsbach GmbH. SÄBU installed the turn-key building with a construction period of 3 months, all from one source - counseling, planning, production and execution. The implementation of individual room requirements such as training centre and office buildings with equipment details was gone without saying. The brick facade adapts itself to the existing buildings and shows a skilful contrast with the marine blue entry area.