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The Flexibility of Modular Construction - Contemporary Room Use

businessPARK Management GmbH, Regensburg - Q3

The businessPARK Management GmbH was highly pleased of the construction and the execution of the first administration building Q2 in the “businessPARK”. Therefore, the company decided to carry out the new block Q3 as equivalent to Q2 also in modular construction by SÄBU Morsbach GmbH.

The speed of the technical and economical developments required a short implementation of investment decisions. Construction rapidity becomes more and more important as well as the fast availability of office space and the multifunctionality of buildings. Modular construction offers economic, quick and prompt investments.

Thus, Q3 could be erected in an impressive time period. Consistent with the first construction, this three-storey modular building was designed with U-shape and also got a corrugated aluminium facade. Simply the corners got a coloured contrasting with thermal insulation compound system. All companies that are accommodated in this building have a separate entrance.

A surface of 4400 m² on 3 storeys has been erected at record speed. The installation of the first modules started six weeks after receipt of order. Putting into service of the first storey took place after 10 weeks. The building was totally completed 15 weeks after start of assembly.

4 years later the new building Q4 was constructed in a similar dimension. This time, SÄBU delivered the prefabricated modules and installed the building complex. Completion of the interior was executed by local companies, coordinated by the engineering office Strunz und Strunz GmbH Regensburg.