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An Almost Floating Structure

Container modules are convincing under difficult construction conditions

Mologen AG, Berlin

The company Mologen needed additional office space, research laboratories and clean rooms for the development of genetically engineered products. However, animal barns had been installed at the existing area that could neither be demolished nor be extended. Due to the close cooperation with the local university the physical proximity to the institute for molecular biology and biochemistry was obligatory.

The high requirements for the new laboratories and offices did not allow a conventional massive construction. Therefore, modular construction was the best solution. The existing barns have been overbuilt with room modules. The one-storey building with a surface of
14 x 30 m floats above the inclined flat roof of the barns, carried by steel struts. The prefabricated modules were assembled in only one day. The interior works followed without interruption. The clean rooms were executed according to GMP standards. These American standards define the high purity and safety requirements that have to be respected during construction.

The building facade was executed with lamellar titanium-zinc sheets and reflects the high-tech standard of the company.