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Modular Construction

Commercial development requires fast implementation

businessPARK Q2, Regensburg

Since 1999 the businessPARK Regensburg arises at the former factory premises of the company Triumph with a surface of 60000 m². The already existing building with 4000 m² office space had to be reconstructed and renovated. Furthermore, the first of 3 new buildings, the office building Q2, had to be installed.

This building was especially designed for Siemens AG and should become the new Siemens development centre for automotive engineering with 200 employees.

Q2 - a three-storey modular building with an office surface of 3800 m². At record speed, SÄBU and the Regensburg engineering office Strunz und Strunz GmbH designed and constructed a three-storey office building that fulfils all requirements of a modern office. On average, each work station is equipped with 3 computers that required according arrangement of the wiring. Special simulation machines required special heavy duty foundations. Therefore, the ground floor modules were fit with according floor openings. Large dimensioned cable trays offer enough space for the complex wiring of 200 work stations.

The modular construction proved to be as flexible as the complete internal layout could be adapted to the user’s changed needs still during construction time.