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Passenger Terminal in High-Quality Modular Construction

Superfast Ferries, Rostock

The Hafenentwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock GmbH (regional harbour development agency) looked for a general contractor for the new construction of a customs clearance and service building for the ferry company that connects Rostock with Hanko in Finland. The building should be representative and fit in the urbanistic surrounding of the harbour. The interior should reflect the corporate design of the ferry company. SÄBU got the order to install this turn-key modular building. The planning was performed by the engineering office Langkau in Güstrow in cooperation with SÄBU.

Within a construction period of 3 months a representative two-storey turn-key building with a visually moving facade of powder-coated lamellar aluminium sheets was erected. Due to the shadows of the lamellar aluminium sheets the high and wide building face appears to be interesting and relaxing.

Inside of the building an open gallery is convincing in its bold design and transparency. An elevator and stairs connect both storeys. The check-in area and the lounge have been equipped with high-quality parquet floor that is commonly used on ships. Thus, passengers can wait for their maritime connection in a comfortable atmosphere.