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Forwarding Centre Regensburg

The aim of the Investitionsgesellschaft (investment company) Robert-Bosch-Straße Regensburg was to quickly install an economic and modern office building for the customs clearance of international forwarders in the area of the container terminal Regensburg. These requirements are doubtlessly fulfilled by modern modular steel construction. The engineering office Strunz and Strunz planned, SÄBU produced and implemented the three-storey office building in only 10 weeks counted from contract award until handover of the building.

The cubic modular building consists of 24 modules of different sizes and heights. Due to the prefabricated manufacturing good value construction on a high level is guaranteed.

The facade design of this high-quality modular building was executed with a thermal insulation compound system. The plaster is designed in different colours. The different storeys are connected through broad stairs. Hereby, the building gets transparency especially through the large floor level windows.