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Turn-Key Office and Social Building in Modular Construction

Havelbus-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH Potsdam, Beelitz

The bus maintenance facility of the Havelbus-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH Potsdam in Beelitz had to change its location from the city centre to the industrial park. Within a short construction period the “Grüne Wiese” (green grassland - name of the industrial park) should accommodate a new maintenance facility with garage and washing hall as well as a social and office building for garage, administration and bus drivers.

So far, all new buildings of the transport association were erected according to a strict determined room and design concept in massive construction.

As time was short, the SÄBU modular construction with prefabricated modules came into play. Within only a few weeks SÄBU installed the modular office and social building according to the specifications of the architects, adapted to the previously erected hall. The facade of the modular building was optically adapted to the new hall so that a uniform appearance is given.