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  • Private Penthouse
  • Medion AG, Essen
  • Sports Field Building, Berlin
  • Staff and Office Building, Schradenbiogas GmbH
  • Havelbus-Verkehrsgesellschaft, Beelitz
  • Savings Bank, Ingolstadt
  • S-Bahn, Frankfurt
  • Control Centre, University Hospital Heidelberg
  • TOTAL Petrol Station
  • Jet Petrol Station, Berlin
  • Control Station, Düsseldorf Airport
  • Research Centre, Antarctica
  • Engineering Container
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Built-In Components with Modular Container Construction

Clearly arranged control unit, high-quality garage and office rooms made from mobile room units

New construction for Commuter Railway System Frankfurt
(“S-Bahn Frankfurt”)

A new garage for the operational handling of the S-Bahn was urgently required as the old factory in Frankfurt-Griesheim did not correspond to the requirements any more. A control unit, garage and office rooms had to be erected, time was limited.

The project management decided in favour of the container construction. The advantage of this modular construction is the extremely short construction period at the building site as the individual modules are prefabricated in the factory. Other production processes in the hall are only affected for a short time period and the built-in components are quickly ready to use. The prefabricated modules were delivered by truck and placed on the already prepared foundations in the hall. Pavement and painting works as well as the final installation followed directly after placement.

The container modules offer a high construction and execution flexibility and an optimal price/performance ratio. 14 buildings with different sizes and furniture have been installed in only 8 weeks.