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Tradition and Modern Spirit Combined with Modular Construction

Extension of the vocational school in Wipperfürth

The vocational school Wipperfürth in the district “Oberbergischer Kreis” renovated the complete inventory and, in the first construction stage, expanded the existing building by a new extension. This new building should be connected to the old building and should, at the request of the customer, fit into the typical local constructional landscape. Furthermore, the building should be erected ready-to-use.

The new extension building was installed by SÄBU ready-to-use, including prior expensive civil works and foundations.

The turn-key building, consisting of individual container modules, got a facade of natural slate that harmonically fits into the environment. Due to the special slate roofing and the colouring with the typical local shades of green the building appears modern and, furthermore, of lasting value, especially durable and vandalism-proof.