Schools / Nurseries / University Buildings

  • Day-Care Centre, Karlsruhe
  • Kindergarten, Potsdam
  • Day Nursery, Leipzig
  • Day Nursery for primary school, Berlin
  • Day-Care Centre, Koblenz
  • Kindergarten, Lünen
  • Kindergarten, Gräfelfing
  • Edith-Stein-School, Frechen
  • Primary School, Grefrath
  • Primary School, Leverkusen
  • Day-Care Centre, Alzenau
  • Secondary School, Alzenau
  • Vocational School, Wipperfürth
  • New School in Osterspei
  • University Luxembourg


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Construction Suitable for Children

Best conditions for the little ones

Kindergartens and day-care centres make high demands on the constructional conditions. They have to be suitable for children, offer a natural and sane environment, have to fulfil high security requirements and need to be tailored to the particular needs of the little ones.

SÄBU constructs kindergartens that fulfil these requirements, adjusted to the constructor's needs. The buildings are equipped with sanitary equipment suitable for children and with common rooms in which the children feel comfortable.

The kindergarten in Gräfelfing has been erected in only five weeks including all external works. Two group rooms can be transformed to a large group room with sliding panels. Two intensive care rooms, two rooms for the direction, a break room, an engineering room as well as toilets and showers complete the broad room planning.