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  • Day-Care Centre, Karlsruhe
  • Kindergarten, Potsdam
  • Day Nursery, Leipzig
  • Day Nursery for primary school, Berlin
  • Day-Care Centre, Koblenz
  • Kindergarten, Lünen
  • Kindergarten, Gräfelfing
  • Edith-Stein-School, Frechen
  • Primary School, Grefrath
  • Primary School, Leverkusen
  • Day-Care Centre, Alzenau
  • Secondary School, Alzenau
  • Vocational School, Wipperfürth
  • New School in Osterspei
  • University Luxembourg


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Prefabrication - Multiple Design Options

Erection of a new school, Osterspei

This two-storey modular building with a surface of 1060 m² offers space for 6 classrooms, one multi-purpose room, an open recreation hall and the according supply and adjoining rooms.

The construction shows the result of a high-quality production in due consideration of the economy imperatives.

The rooms are heated via an electrical control mode of each individual room. The windows are equipped with integrated sunscreens. Due to the change of clinker and thermal insulation plaster the facade appears loosened.