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  • Private Penthouse
  • Medion AG, Essen
  • Sports Field Building, Berlin
  • Staff and Office Building, Schradenbiogas GmbH
  • Havelbus-Verkehrsgesellschaft, Beelitz
  • Savings Bank, Ingolstadt
  • S-Bahn, Frankfurt
  • Control Centre, University Hospital Heidelberg
  • TOTAL Petrol Station
  • Jet Petrol Station, Berlin
  • Control Station, Düsseldorf Airport
  • Research Centre, Antarctica
  • Engineering Container
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Modular Technical Buildings with Premium Touch

Parking control/information centre and gatehouse in modular construction ensure the smooth activities at the clinic area

In the course of parking lot management a new building should be erected at the area of the university hospital Heidelberg as parking control and information centre. In this building all parking data and information should be bundled and, furthermore, the West entrance of the clinic area should be controlled. Great importance was attached to an economic solution with premium building appearance.

With modular construction the constructor has the possibility to individually design a building. The parking control centre on the one hand and the gatehouse on the other hand have been erected economically and functionally. However, due to special facade they got the desired
high-quality character.

In only 8 weeks SÄBU erected this turnkey building including all foundation works.