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Office Extension in Dortmund - Container with a View

Storey addition on a roof, high-quality housing space with prefabricated room units

A five-storey office building in the centre of Dortmund should be extended by a penthouse. The all around closed building development as well as a highly frequented road, tracks and overhead contact lines did not allow conventional construction site equipment with crane and freight elevator.

The architects of the planning office Planquadrat decided to choose customised modular construction. Prefabricated room units have been lifted by crane and assembled at night.

SÄBU produced and delivered these two room units with 7m x 3m x 3m each. They perfectly fit between the wall of the adjoining building and the existing staircase and form a broad housing space. Space-saving sliding doors allow daylight incidence and the surface of the roof terrace can completely be used.

Two semitrailers delivered the units after midnight. After two hours the modules were placed by crane and the construction site could again be released for traffic.