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  • Dialysis Centre, Riesa
  • Hospital Scharnebeck
  • Drug Therapy Centre, Hannover
  • Field Hospital, Mazar-e Sharif
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Dialysis Centre in Riesa

The dialysis centre in Riesa comprises practices for internal medicine and a dialysis centre at the ground floor as well as a practice for nephrology at the first floor. One of the special features of this building is the extremely short construction period of only 7 weeks.

The two-floor barrier-free modular structure soars above a clearly structured floor plan with a roof terrace ending in a green roof area at the first floor.

Entering the modular building takes place via a welcoming glazed entrance area with a friendly light-flooded foyer. A direct barrier-free way leads to the dialysis centre at the ground floor and, via a spacious stairway or the elevator, to the practice for nephrology at the first floor. The rendering facade is in a deftly contrast to the aluminium/glass facade. When colouring the complete building great importance was attached to both the interior rooms and the outer space. The colour of the modular building is held in pure white in combination with soft and fresh pastel colours in yellow and green.