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Field Hospital in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan

SÄBU offers the most modern medical possibilities, combined with a maximum flexibility, completed with a turn-key handover and a skilled service on site.

Size and equipment of the modules depend on customer’s needs. Furthermore, the units are constructed according to the required firearm protection and are safe from environmental influences such as earthquakes. For the military camp of the German Federal Armed Forces in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan, SÄBU has erected a field hospital in a transport-optimised modular construction. The building is a care institution that assures an ambulant and stationary, primary and subsequent care for the soldiers in case of sickness or injuries. The military hospital is laid out for 1,700 soldiers with the possibility to take care of additional patients. The construction offers a basic protection against splinters from 107 mm T63 HE missiles or similar firearms. The scope of work included planning, production, transport, assembly and implementation of the building.

The construction and operation of the military hospital allows a results quality that conforms to medical care in Germany. The hospital is constructed as a one-storey complex, consisting of 4 individual buildings with 3 connections units. The complex is situated at the main access road of the camp. A direct access road around the building enables the transport of injured people as well as of material to the main entrance and the different side entrances. All escape routes and emergency exits are planned in the way that the transport and evacuation of laying patients is ensured.

The individual rooms are dependent on the estimated patient flow and are summarised into the following departments:

  • Ambulance with all relevant examination rooms of the different special fields
  • Emergency care and surgery with X-ray department, observation and shock rooms
    as well as two aseptic operating rooms
  • Care station with intensive care and anesthetic recovery room with a connection floor
    to the operating area 
  • Laboratory, pharmacy and store