Hospitals / Medical Facilities

  • Dialysis Centre, Riesa
  • Hospital Scharnebeck
  • Drug Therapy Centre, Hannover
  • Field Hospital, Mazar-e Sharif
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Modular Construction - Quick and of High Value

Expansion of capacities in the medical sector, impairment of patients and staff is reduced to a minimum

The hospital in Scharnebeck urgently required additional room for some departments of the human and dental medicine. The time factor was very important. However, it was not allowed to make compromises with respect to the quality. The external design should be adjusted to the existing building. Besides of rooms for doctors and patients the new building should also have examination and operation rooms as well as a complete X-ray and developing room.

Modular construction was the solution. In only 8 weeks SÄBU erected a completely functional medical extension building that optimally harmonises with the existing building - a representative unit with high-quality equipment, furniture and infrastructure for the human and dental medicine. Due to the prefabrication in our factory the impairment of patients and staff was reduced to a minimum.