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Field Camp Kitchen

For the military camp of the German Armed Forces in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan, SÄBU erected a field camp kitchen in transport-optimised modular construction.

The camp kitchen offers a 90% basic protection against splinters of 107 mm T63 HE missiles or similar projectiles.

The scope of services included the planning, production, transport, assembly and implementation of the camp kitchen.

As complete facility for a rating of 2100 persons the camp kitchen has been designed in the way that the operation of a kitchen including canteen can effectively be organised.

The camp kitchen serves for the full board of all national and international forces that are stationed in the military camp in Mazar-e Sharif.

The building has a surface of approx. 3900 m² with ceiling heights of up to 4.50 m.

The camp kitchen consists of:

  • the forces kitchen for the preparation of meals
  • the food and drinks’ counter with return of dishes
  • the dining hall
  • storage rooms for food that has to be cooled or frozen as well as dry food
  • the operationally necessary technical building equipment
  • kitchen machines, large kitchen devices and further equipment

As a proof that the field camp kitchen corresponds to the legal requirements SÄBU has presented according certificates, reports and confirmations:

  • the stability of the building considering the requirements
    concerning earthquake protection
  • the electrical safety
  • the compliance with the hygienic standards considering the hygienic
    requirements of the German Federal Armed Forces
  • the proper installation of the ventilation devices
  • a fire prevention concept and proper installation
  • compliance with the legal environment requirements

The camp kitchen fulfils the safety, hygienic and ergonomic requirements of canteen kitchens.