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  • Private Penthouse
  • Medion AG, Essen
  • Sports Field Building, Berlin
  • Staff and Office Building, Schradenbiogas GmbH
  • Havelbus-Verkehrsgesellschaft, Beelitz
  • Savings Bank, Ingolstadt
  • S-Bahn, Frankfurt
  • Control Centre, University Hospital Heidelberg
  • TOTAL Petrol Station
  • Jet Petrol Station, Berlin
  • Control Station, Düsseldorf Airport
  • Research Centre, Antarctica
  • Engineering Container


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Success with Modular Construction

Economic development and fast growth requires growing infrastructure. Prompt implementation of office space with modular construction.

Due to the economic development and the continuous growth the Medion AG urgently required approx. 1500 m² office space that should be erected at the new premises in Essen as quickly as possible. Besides the quick implementation great importance was attached to an effective use of the land and the creation of offices with a pleasant and positive working environment. The building should offer a high flexibility in use and later extension and the building costs should be defined in the forefront of construction start. Therefore, only modular construction with its advantages of industrial prefabrication came into question.

After having defined the room concept SÄBU only had 10 weeks for turnkey handover. 60 room units formed a two-storey building complex with two blocks, connected via a shared entrance area. A large glazing guarantees bright offices with a pleasant working environment. 4 hotline areas each with 370 m², 6 training and conference rooms, 4 engineering rooms, 4 kitchens, 8 break rooms, 2 relaxation rooms, 8 sanitary areas, staircases and adjoining rooms can be found in the two building units with a total surface of 2600 m² and a building volume of 9480 m³.

Exactly after 10 weeks the employees could use their new workstations.