Targets of the Company SÄBU

Quality  The product quality, ensured by a permanent self-control and external control, has top priority for SÄBU.

Confidence  The company management attaches the greatest importance to an excellent service and a trustful cooperation with staff and customers. Customer satisfaction belongs to the SÄBU business philosophy.

Economy  Economic thinking and dealing as well as tapping new markets are essential factors to safeguard employment at our construction sites.

Safety at Work The protection of the environment and the health of our employees is a very important part of our business philosophy. The protection of these goods is not only a basic need but also ensures the success of the company and the quality of our products. Meeting legal provisions as well as a continuous improvement of our work safety is taken for granted. 

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability  Product development is in our focus, also with respect to environment and resources protection. To meet the challenges of the climate protection and the enhancement of energy efficiency - an important mission for our company.

Sustained growth requires innovative ideas for the complete value chain, from changing the raw material basis up to returning the final products to recycling.

SÄBU offers innovative solutions on the cutting edge and manufactures its products in an approved quality with motivation and expertise.