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Gas Cylinder Storage in Accordance with Regulations

Safety - the highest priority for the storage of pressurised gas cylinders 

The legislative authorities require special safety measures, stipulated in the Technical Guidance Rules for Gas ("Technische Regeln Druckgase - TRG 280"), as pressurised gas bottles belong to the kind of stored items whose storage requires special diligence due to their high risk potential. 

Gas cylinder stores are normally used for storing full gas cylinders or to keep empty cylinders until their removal. Thus, they generally need to be protected against access by unauthorised personnel. 

Gas cylinder containers, boxes and cabinets from the SAFE storage range guarantee the safe and practical storage according to operational requirements. 

If larger quantities of pressurised gas cylinders need to be stored, the Gas Cylinder Container is the right store. The easy transportable Gas Cylinder Box is the compact solution for smaller storage quantities. The Gas Cylinder Cabinet completes the range. 

SAFE gas cylinder stores are: 

  • Developed for practice 
  • Manufactured from high quality material 
  • Made in Germany 
  • Quality tested and comply with all safety requirements 

  -  Safety Comes First