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SAFE Gas Cylinder Containers

Practical outdoor storage of pressurised gas cylinders

SAFE Gas Cylinder Containers enable the safe outdoor storage of pressurised gas cylinders. The lockable containers with solid walls and roof prevent theft and access by unauthorised personnel and protect the gas cylinders from all weather influences.

SAFE Gas Cylinder Containers comply with the German Technical Guidance Rules for Gas (“Technische Regeln Druckgase - TRG 280”) of the German Commission for Pressure Tanks
(“DBA - Deutscher Druckbehälterausschuss") and are used wherever large quantities of gas cylinders are stored, sold or used.


  • Construction according to TRG 280
  • Safe storage of the cylinders by adjustable holding devices and safety chains
  • Self-ventilation approved by the TÜV
  • Galvanised grids, accessible and highly loadable according to DIN 1072 and DIN 1055
  • Delivered fully assembled

Suitable for the storage of pressurised gas cylinders