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Indoor Storage of Hazardous Material

Shelving units - space-saving, practical and safe

SAFE Shelving Units, exactly adjusted to the operational requirements by different storage levels, are the optimal solution for the safe storage of hazardous goods in conformity with regulations.

VARIO Shelvings are suitable for small barrels of water-hazardous, non-flammable and flammable substances. The galvanised racks are adjustable in height every 25 mm and are easy to assemble. They are alternatively available with grid shelves or tray shelves.

The stacking frame with slide-in tray enables the flexible storage of drums and/or small barrels. Drum rests, grid shelves and slide-in trays offer versatile combination possibilities.

Pallet racks with sump tray offer the perfect solution for the storage of euro pallets and industrial pallets and can furthermore be used for the storage of drums or large barrels up to 1000 l. Pallet racks are easy to assemble (without screws), are flexible in use and offer versatile extension possibilities.

The SAFE Center® SCI is the modular shelving unit for the safe storage of larger volumes of hazardous substances (horizontal or vertical drums or larger barrels up to 1000 l) in conformity with regulations. This shelving system offers best possible storage options with exchangeable drum rests and grid shelves. The quick assembly without screws and the serial trilateral splash protection of each storage level are further advantages of this shelving unit.

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