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IBC Storage Container SAFE Tank 1000 KTC


  • Approved for the outdoor storage of non-flammable, highly flammable and extremely flammable materials of all water hazard classes according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety (“Betriebssicherheitsverordnung - BetrSichV”)
  • Built according to the requirements of the German Water Resources Act
    (“Wasserhaushaltsgesetz - WHG”)
  • Side walls, roof and door made from galvanised trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Double door 2750 x 1890 mm, with security lock and handle
  • Roof with integrated guttering via the long sides, snow load 100 kg/m²
  • Robust construction with structural analysis:
    Max. wind pressure on wall: w=0.40 kN/m²
    Max. wind suction on wall and roof: w=-0.25 kN/m²
    Max. snow load on roof: s=1.00 kN/m²
    Max. working load on sump: q=10.00 kN/m²
  • All-round galvanised splash protection walls to direct spills into the sump
  • Sump tray made of 3 mm sheet steel (S235JR), welded and leak tested,
    40 mm clearance underneath the tank for corrosion avoidance,
    with galvanised grids, loadable up to 1000 kg/m², can be driven on
  • Painted finish as optional extra, available colour codes:
    RAL 1003, RAL 3000, RAL 5010, RAL 6010, RAL 7035 and RAL 9002
    Further colours available on request 

Collection Volume:

  • approx. 1030 l


  • W 3050 x D 2170 x H 2310 mm - external dimensions
  • W 2920 x D 2000 x H 2000 mm - internal dimensions


  • approx. 750 kg

Storage Capacity:

  • 12 x 200 l barrels, vertically stored
    or 2 x 1000 l IBCs


  • Approval no. DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technique): Z-38.5-152

Available Models:

  • Water hazard classes 1-3 (non-flammable materials - filling and decanting)
    Order no. 38382
  • Passive storage
    (non-flammable materials - filling and decanting, flammable materials - storage only)
    Order no. 28382
  • Active storage (non-flammable and flammable materials - filling and decanting)
    Order no. 18382