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Sump Trays - Environment and Factory Protection

SAFE Sump Trays ensure the safe indoor storage of hazardous materials according to regulations 

The legislative authorities prescribe that hazardous materials in single-walled receptacles need to be stored above sump trays for the collection of leaking liquids. The collection volume depends on the national requirements. In Germany, a sump tray has to collect the volume of the largest bin but at least 10% of the total stored volume. 

Before using a sump tray for hazmat storage the resistance of the material against the liquid to be stored has to be ensured. SAFE Sump Trays are approved for non-flammable, highly flammable and extremely flammable liquids of all water hazard classes. Optional plastic inserts made from polyethylene are available for the storage of acids and bases. 

For the storage of 200 l drums the SAFE programme offers sump trays for horizontal and vertical storage. Sump tray sets are especially suitable for the vertical storage but can also be used for horizontal storage by using drum supports. With the mobile retrofit kit the sump trays are relocatable at any time. 

SAFE Floor Sump Trays are the right choice for the expansion of existing racks to store hazardous materials. They are easily placed between the existing shelf supports. 

With 1000 l collection volume the MEGA Sump Trays are the right solution for the storage of IBCs and larger volumes. 

The SAFE Surface Spill Protection System ensures the quick and economic implementation of indoor storage space. 

The SAFE programme offers the right sump tray for each application. 

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