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SAFE Sump Trays

Proper storage of hazardous substances in accordance with regulations

SAFE Sump Trays offer the requested protection for the indoor storage of hazardous materials and are available in different sizes. They can accommodate up to 8 vertical drums with a volume of 200 l. It is, of course, possible to retrofit the sump trays at any time with drum frames, drum supports and further equipment for the horizontal drum storage and for easy filling and decanting. For the safe storage of acids and bases the range of accessories also includes plastic inserts made from polyethylene. Due to 100 mm clearance underneath the tank the sump trays are transportable at any time.


  • Conformity declaration “ÜHP” according to the Technical Rules for Steel Sump Trays
    (“Stahlwannen-Richtlinie - Stawa-R”)
  • Approved for non-flammable, highly flammable and extremely flammable materials of all water hazard classes according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety (“Betriebssicherheitsverordnung - BetrSichV”)
  • Galvanised grids, removable
  • Especially durable due to a striking corrosion protection 

Suitable for hazardous media with the following characteristics: