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Insulated FLADAFI® Material Container Combinations

Insulated container combinations form large insulated storage space

Individual storage space for temperature-sensitive goods can quickly and easily be formed from single container units.

The fields of use are versatile. These insulated container combinations are used for the storage for all kinds of temperature-sensitive goods, as final or temporary store for all products that have to be stored dryly and free of condensation water, as store for documents or as shelter for machines.

With the optional heating and cooling units, the insulated containers offer amazing storage possibilities.

Contrary to the insulated single containers, the final assembly on site has to be done by the customer. All units are delivered in pre-assembled condition, the final assembly can easily be done also by laymen. Of course, SÄBU also offers the final assembly on site.

The insulated FLADAFI® Material Containers feature all FLADAFI® quality characteristics. However, these units are not relocatable by crane.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • No dripping water due to the insulated outer skin
  • Insulation: eco-friendly, water-swelled polyurethane rigid foam
  • Excellent heat insulation of walls, roof and (insulated) floor
  • Available with wood floor or insulated floor

  -  Insulated Modular Room