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The Success of the Insulated FLADAFI® Material Containers

Insulated material containers protect sensitive storage goods from heat and low temperature and compensate temperature fluctuations

In 2002, the advancement of the successful FLADAFI® Material Container found a new dimension, the insulated material container.

No matter if store for bottles or hardware, storage room for temperature-sensitive material, control room or machine shelter - the fields of use of an insulated container knows no bounds. This material container offers a diversity of storage possibilities.

If products have to be stored dryly or tempered and free of condensation water, the insulated FLADAFI® Material Containers are the right choice. The insulated outer skin made from sandwich elements prevents condensation water and compensates temperature fluctuations.

With optional crane eyes, the insulated storage containers can quickly and easily be relocated and used at different sites.

  • Storage of humidity-sensitive goods - no dripping water due to the insulated outer skin
  • Temperature compensation when outside temperature is fluctuating
  • Frost-free storage with optional heater
  • Storage of heat-sensitive goods with optional cooling unit
  • Insulation: eco-friendly, water-swelled polyurethane rigid foam
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Excellent heat insulation of walls, roof and floor

For more storage needs, the insulated material container combinations are the right choice.

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