Room Containers - When Space Has to be Created Quickly

Innenaufnahme eines standardmäßigen Raumcontainer von FLADAFI
Whenever space is needed at short notice and at low cost, the strength of SÄBU room containers comes into play. They can be set up quickly and are ready for immediate use, as they can be delivered turnkey and fully equipped on request.

FLADAFI containers are used in a variety of ways for single-story use, for example as an office, break room or sanitary facility.


The economical FLADAFI room containers can be used on one floor as individual containers or as a container system. They are available in the sizes 6 x 2.50 m, 4 x 2.50 m and 3 x 2.50 m and have a wooden ceiling made of solid wood tongue and groove planks, which provide for good acoustics, a natural moisture storage capacity and a pleasant room climate.

The room containers are galvanised all around. The exterior wall and roof cladding as well as the floor groups are made of galvanised sheet steel and guarantee a long service life. Due to the design, the non-stackable containers are significantly lighter and can be moved with a forklift using forklift pockets.

SÄBU only uses materials that are harmless to health and quality-tested. Heat insulation glazing as well as heat insulation kit create an ideal environment and almost unlimited possibilities in equipment and furnishing leave hardly any wishes unfulfilled. For example, special containers are also produced as enclosures for machinery, aggregates or biogas plants.

As a rule, at least one permit must be obtained from the relevant building regulations office for the installation. You can find more information on this in the state building regulations of your municipality.

Office Containers

Office Containers - Creating Office Space Quickly and Economically

When office space needs to be made available at short notice, FLADAFI® office containers have decisive advantages over conventionally constructed room: the containers can be ideally combined and quickly moved to another location as mobile office space. By combining individual office containers, the room can be adapted exactly to the requirements and expanded or changed at any time.

If the purpose or the use of the office containers changes, they can be flexibly and promptly dismantled and quickly put to a new use - all in the spirit of sustainability.
Living Containers

Living Containers - Alternative and Cost-Effective Housing Concept

FLADAFI® room containers are a cost-effective, fast available and sustainable solution for urgently needed enclosed space where the useful life may not be foreseeable, such as accommodation on construction sites, for refugees or in disaster control. Especially in these areas, residue-free deconstruction is a decisive criterion that our container systems fulfil.
Sanitary Containers

Hygienic Sanitary Containers - Functional, Practical and Attractive

Industrial companies, municipalities, construction companies, tent camp operators, sports clubs and festival organisers - they all count on the proven quality of FLADAFI® sanitary containers. The success of our toilet containers, toilet boxes and wash and shower containers is based on hard-wearing and environmentally friendly materials that combine easy cleaning, high hygiene comfort and lasting value.
Construction Site Containers

Construction Site Containers as a Flexible Space Solution for Life on the Construction Site

Construction site facilities are also living spaces, because employees often work and live on construction sites for many weeks, not only during working hours, but also in their free time and at weekends.

Perfectly adapted to the requirements, the FLADAFI® construction site containers are the right choice when it comes to a practical solution as working and accommodation space. They are not only quick and easy to erect and dismantle, but also quick to transport and at the same time a cost-effective investment.
Lounge Containers

Lounge Containers - the Meeting Place for Employees

Recreation containers offer plenty of space for rest, recreation, catering and supply as well as social interaction of employees during breaks.

With room systems from FLADAFI® you are on the safe side: In addition to an attractive design, they meet the requirements of the Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV) for break rooms, canteen containers, social containers, sanitary containers and employee accommodation.
Ticket Office Containers

Ticket Office Containers for Secure & Convenient Ticket Sales

Ticket office containers are a temporary as well as permanent solution for ticket sales at festivals and trade fairs, in stadiums and at sporting events, at shipping piers or in car parks. The FLADAFI® room containers enable the quick set-up of a required infrastructure and offer flexible, weatherproof and theft-proof use.

By combining them with other room modules and additional equipment accessories, the container systems can be adapted to the respective requirements. If required, the individual containers can be easily moved to another location, for example to store them after seasonal use or to set them up at another location.
Gatehouse Containers

Gatehouse Containers - Professionalism Begins at the Entrance Gates

As modular room systems, gatehouse containers can not only be flexibly positioned on the premises, they also offer ideal working conditions for your employees. Whether as a temporary control station at open-air events or as a permanent guard house on the company premises - freely selectable positions of windows and doors enable optimal adaptation to the location of your choice: a professional appearance towards visitors and customers.
Indoor Containers

Indoor Containers - Your Office in the Middle of the Action

FLADAFI® indoor containers enable you to carry out office work, conversations and telephone calls in the middle of production area, protected from noise. You work in the immediate vicinity, with a view of the local processes and can thus act promptly.

The advantage of the container solution lies in the flexibility of the room systems. The hall modules are quickly erected, can be used immediately and can be moved quickly and easily at any time. Space-saving and individually adaptable as well as matching with the operating processes, SÄBU room containers are convincing for the use inside industrial or storage halls.