Legally Compliant and Safe Storage of Hazardous Materials

Innenaufnahme eines Gefahrstoffcontainers mit gelagerten Fässern
The SAFE brand stands for storage of hazardous materials (hazmat) that complies with regulations and has been tested in practice. SÄBU has high-quality storage systems that are tested and certified to ensure the safe storage of environmentally hazardous substances.

The professional and proper storage of hazardous substances in accordance with the regulations of the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) is a challenge for both tradesmen and private users, which may require extensive advice. SÄBU employees are always at your disposal to provide you with professional advice.

The large range of SAFE products guarantees, that SÄBU will find the right solution for your storage of substances according to the different hazardous substance classes. Our high-quality storage systems are subject to the strict guidelines of the Water Resources Act. Thorough quality control, especially with regard to the tightness of the sump trays, ensures that leaking substances do not get into bodies of water, etc.

For the selection of the appropriate hazardous material storage system, the desired location for storage, the quantities to be stored and the possible hazards listed in the safety data sheet of the respective substance must be taken into account.

Hazardous Material Containers

Hazardous Material Containers - the Environmental Storage Technology for Outdoor Areas

The different variants of SAFE hazardous material containers are suitable for the safe storage of environmentally hazardous substances outdoors in accordance with regulations. They prevent water-polluting substances (WGK 1-3, GHS 1-4) as well as non-flammable and flammable media (GHS 1-3) from contaminating water and soil, the remediation of which would incur considerable costs. Even in the event of leaks, environmentally hazardous substances are safely discharged into the collection trays.

Approved and tested by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt), our containers offer ideal conditions for the storage of hazardous substances.
Insulated Hazardous Material Containers

Insulated Hazardous Material Containers

With the SAFE hazardous material (hazmat) containers, SÄBU offers a sophisticated product range for the active and passive storage of non-flammable, flammable and water-polluting substances in outdoor areas. It goes without saying that all legal requirements of the Water Resources Act (WHG) with regard to safe and environmentally compatible storage are met. The liquid-tight sump trays are subject to strict quality control in accordance with DIN EN 1090. The sandwich elements used, made of water-blown polyisocyanurate hard foam, have the best insulating properties for the storage of sensitive goods. They are the perfect solution for e.g. industry, trade, municipal businesses or commerce.
Gas Cylinder Storage

Gas Cylinder Storage

SAFE gas cylinder storage facilities are suitable for the outdoor storage of compressed gas cylinders. To ensure that compressed gases are handled properly and in accordance with the law, a large number of regulations must be implemented to minimise risks when handling gases. In Germany these are laid down in the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances, TRGS 510, point 10.

Compressed gas cylinders must be secured against falling over or down. The valves must be protected with a suitable protective device such as caps or basket collars. Compressed gas cylinders shall be stored upright, if possible, liquid gas cylinders must be stored upright and compressed gas containers shall be placed protected from excessive external heat. Compressed gas containers outdoors shall be secured by suitable measures such as gas cylinder boxes or containers or fencing around the facility.
Hazardous Material Shelving

Multi-Level Storage with SAFE Small Container Racks

SAFE small container racks offers space-saving, safe solutions for the storage of hazardous substances indoors in accordance with regulations. The racks integrated into hazardous material containers create complex storage systems over several levels.
Sump Trays

Environmentally Friendly Storage With SAFE Sump Trays

SAFE sump trays, also called system pallets in our company, enable professional and economical storage of upright 200 l drums. Accessories such as drum stands and drum supports are available for horizontal drum storage.