High-Quality Modular Building Solutions

Modular office building for Evertz Hydrotechnik
SÄBU modular buildings are based on an adaptable, future-oriented construction method with many advantages compared to conventional constructions such as a short construction time, future expandability, cost transparency, long term durability and many more. A modern modular building is prefabricated and meets your individual architectural demands in terms of size, shape and materials to be used.

Whether steel, glass, stone or wood, the facade makes your building unique. Even if the modules are produced in an industrialized and optimized production process, your ideas are not limited by standards. Building modular is a non-traditional construction method, which meets all legal requirements.

We offer you the variety of modular buildings - build the future with SÄBU
Mounting of the modules of the accommodation building Zinfue LBB Diez

Modular Construction

Modular construction saves resources and creates a modern approach for incorporating sustainability aspects in building. Due to the short assembly time and cost saving effects of an optimized production process, a modular prefabricated steel construction allows high efficiency and flexibility.

Any type of building, such as school buildings, hospitals, industrial buildings or even accommodation buildings are realizable as an advantageous modular construction.
Besprechung der Zeichnungen des Modulbau Bauplans

Planning a Turnkey Building with the General Contractor SÄBU

From planning to completion, we take care of you and your building project from the first drawing to handing over the keys. Modern modular buildings can be designed to offer a high degree of sustainability and enormous cost savings.
Technical administration building by SÄBU with rear-ventilated façade

Design Diversity in Modular Construction

Modular buildings offer a wide variety of design options for every building owner and architect. In the planning phase there is no need to consider a later modular prefabrication of the building. SÄBU will incorporate all demands and design ideas in the modular system to the highest degree of the industry.

FAQs - Modular Construction

Frequently asked questions and answers about modular construction.

Do you have questions about our building projects or would you like to know more about modular construction? Here you will find a compilation of information on particularly frequently asked questions.