Storage Containers - The Cost-Effective Warehouse

Material container with forklift in the factory hall
The solution for almost every indoor and outdoor storage requirement are FLADAFI® storage containers. The divers range extends from small roller shutter boxes for the smallest storage quantities to large combination solutions, in insulated or non-insulated versions.

FLADAFI® also has the right solution for stored goods that need to be kept absolutely dry.

The fully galvanised storage containers are durable and corrosion-protected. They have practical crane loading devices as well as forklift pockets, making them flexible to use and very easy to move to another location.

The field-tested accessories from our range can be used to develop individual storage solutions, such as the use of cooling or heating units as well as special shelving.

Material Containers

Storage Container as a Mobile Individual Storage Solution

FLADAFI® storage containers offer storage solutions in a clever way. Even changing locations is no problem due to the fully galvanised lightweight construction. The individual containers can be easily dismantled and reassembled at the other locations or moved as a complete unit using the crane loading device. Lever-proof doors with profile cylinder locks and a roof secured from the inside increase burglar resistance.
Insulated Material Containers

Insulated Material Containers - Economical Protection Against Heat and Cold

The storage of sensitive materials and substances requires a particularly careful choice of storage location. FLADAFI® insulated material containers meet the requirements for dry and condensation-free storage.
Roller Shutter Containers

Roller Shutter Containers for Limited Space Conditions

The roller shutter containers show their great advantage when storage space is limited. The aluminium roller shutter leaves the door swing area completely free for other uses. For example, escape and rescue routes are not restricted or blocked by open doors. The roller shutter containers are ideal for use in industrial and craft businesses, in the immediate vicinity of the workplace, for the orderly provision of tools and semi-tools.
Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes for Storage of Tools and Small Storage Quantities

Storage boxes from FLADAFI® are the ideal solution for storing small parts and smaller storage quantities. Features such as the easy-opening roof, the wide-opening door as well as size and mobility make the use of the storage box attractive in trade, commerce and industry.