Building in Serial Modular Construction

exterior view of the administration building for the Debeka Koblenz in modular
Serial modular construction enables economical and variable building - planned for the present and prepared for the future. Our modular buildings consist of a combination of individual system elements and room units, which are industrially and precisely manufactured in our production halls. Modern manufacturing processes ensure sustainable production by, e.g. reducing material waste to a minimum.

In just a few days, the room units are assembled on prepared foundations to form a modular building. This means that the interior and final construction can take place promptly and independently of the weather. With the help of this prefabricated manufacturing method, your new building project can be realised much faster and a consistently high quality is ensured.
Mounting of an OPTILuxe container module with a crane

With a View to Space and Time – Serial Modular Construction

With SÄBU serial modular construction, you will reach your goal in the shortest possible time. The decision for a modular building is a decision for economic efficiency and future-proof investments. A quick usability of the building, a binding cost statement and fixed time schedules characterise this construction method.
detail of the façade of an OPTILine office building in container design

Using Container Buildings Economically

Whether industry, the public sector or service providers - containers, container systems and container buildings are an economical solution when space needs to be provided quickly and cost-effectively. SÄBU manufactures a wide range of containers with individual design options for almost any application.