We offer different sanitary container types that can be supplemented with further room modules if required. Separate ladies' and gents' areas with a selectable number of toilets, urinals, shower areas, partitions with pubic walls: many different design variants are available.  

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Self-Sufficient Sanitation Solutions Ready for Connection

An insufficient sanitary infrastructure can be quickly counteracted by the mobile containers, as our sanitary modules are provided ready for connection.

If desired, the containers can be equipped with a waste water tank. In this way, you can create self-sufficient solutions at any time and are not dependent on connection to local supply networks.

The containers are delivered by truck and unloaded by loading crane. Should the location prove to be less than ideal, the sanitary container can easily be moved to another location using a forklift truck.

Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR) Sanitary Containers

In Germany the Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR) and ASR A 4.1 Sanitary rooms define the installation and operation of toilet rooms, washrooms and changing rooms for employees in workplaces.

Specific requirements regulate, among other things, how many toilets must be available for a certain number of female and/or male employees. For example, for 11 to 25 employees, at least 2 toilets/urinals and one hand washing facility are required for low use. For high use, there must be 4 toilets/urinals with 2 hand-washing facilities.

The largest model as a men's toilet is designed for up to 75 people. The portable and lockable toilet cubicle is designed for single person use. Our sanitary modules meet the legal requirements for occupational health and safety such as anti-slip floors in shower containers or an effective ventilation.

You need a sanitary container? We will be happy to support you with optimal solutions according to your needs and wishes. Feel free to contact us by phone on -49 2294 6940 or via our contact form.

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